Thursday, May 1, 2008

Digital snake oil

The internet is full of ads for quick cures for chronic back pain. Intellectually, it's easy to see that most if not all of these must be false. The reason is that chronic back pain effects millions of people. If there really was a quick (and don't forget easy) cure that worked for everybody, it would spread in popularity. Perhaps not quickly, depending on how crazy it sounds, but good results cannot be ignored. Even if medical professionals were too conservative to try it, people reading the BBSes and web forums would, and word would spread fairly quickly after some tipping point in popularity.

Emotionally, however, it's easy to hope that whatever scam you are reading about is a real cure. I found the following article about one such scam fairly helpful, however, in shoring up my belief that these get healthy quick ads are in fact scams. First, check out the website. Then read the review. PS, if you really are curious enough to sign up for the emails, be sure to use a disposable email address, such as offered by spamgourmet. I got at least 1o messages from these people before the address I fed them expired.

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