Wednesday, July 16, 2008 Back and Neck Pain Treatments info

I just found this guide on (I can still remember when they were the Unlike some guides, they have actual info, not just links to other websites. For instance, here's a link to a relatively nice description of how to do a pelvic tilt exercise. BTW, another good place to go if you are looking for illustrated back exercises is youtube. It's often a lot easier to see what you are supposed to do than try to puzzle it out from text and a line drawing. Here, for instance, is a relatively nice pelvic tilt video.


Paula said...


I just came across your blog and am really pleased to see you encouraging an active approach to manging lower back pain. I am a physiotherapist in the UK and I spend a great deal of my working life trying to encourage people to improve their flexibility and fitness as a way of helping to manage back pain.

I am not too keen on self promotion (!) but I have a web site that has some back pain exercise videos with a clear description alongside if any of your readers are interested.I thought it may be be a useful resource for some.

Reading some of your other posts I think it is also worth pointing out that there is a very poor link between pain and tissue damage. It is a common misunderstanding that an acute episode or flare up is always caused by new damage. This is not always the case, it is possible to have peaks and troughs of pain with little change in the tissues. This is a really complex subject - too complex for a blog comment but I do write more about it on my website in the pain section. for reference.


Alan Robinson said...

Thanks for the feedback Paula; I will have to check out your site.