Friday, May 15, 2009

Why a disc herniation does not mean you should get surgery

This well written article lays out the evidence that a herniated disk may in fact have little to do with your back pain.  Briefly, while many people with back pain do have herniated disks, a random sample of people without back pain revealed 17-52% had some level of herniation.  This means that 'fixing' a herniated disk with surgery doesn't necessarily mean that your pain will go away. A herniation need not cause any pain at all (probably it did when it first occurred, but the pain may not have lasted long).  I won't bother to summarize the article any farther, since it's quite well written (complete with references!).  Definitely an interesting read. 


Chiropractor said...

Hi Alan I want to know that What is Harniation and harniated disk and how it is useful in back pain relief.if you don't mine can you give little brief about it.

Alan Robinson said...

Wow this guy must be a pretty bad Chiropractor if he doesn't know and can't even spell it. BE forewarned spammers, I will delete your comments (unless they are as funny bad as this one).