Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home-made in bed laptop stand

A while ago I started looking for a way to lay flat in on my bed and still be able to use my laptop. I found some laptop stands meant for use in bed that looked promising, but they were either very expensive, or got bad reviews (suggesting low quality), or both!

After trying a junky laptop stand sold in bed bath and beyond,  I tried to make my own out of an old Ikea table (price: about $15). Basically you attach one set of legs as suggested by Ikea, and and then nail the other legs at right angles. You'll need to glue some kind of ledge for the laptop to rest against. I used crafter's Popsicle sticks.

The result was stable and exactly to my designed dimensions, but very hard to adjust. I would recommend mocking up the product by first using duct tape, and then using nails to affix the legs once you have the designed tuned to your needs. Keep in mind to mock up on a bed surface, because the legs will sink in a bit, making the whole thing a bit lower to the ground.

In the end I think I made it a bit too low/steep. Even so, I found it hurt my neck look at the laptop, so I gave up on it eventually. If you don't need to lay absolutely flat, this kind of stand would be much more likely to work out for you. I conclude that the laptop in bed stand, DIY or not, isn't for me. If you are OK propped up on pillows a bit, though, you might consider it.


Kate said...

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Hemraj said...
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Jim said...

That is some laptop stand, you must have savage backpain. I was in bed for 6 months with a very badly broken leg so I had to invest in a decent laptop stand for work - that's the problem with doing site design (you don't have to be in an office to do it!)

Cathy Givans said...

Even the failed attempt was very creative! I have found that getting the right bed and yoga are very helpful for me but I still have flare ups too.

Anonymous said...

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Frederic said...

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Matt said...

Great idea to create your own laptop stand though. I can only imagine typing and lying down would be really hard no matter what support or angle though - however I bet lying down and staring at the ceiling would eventually drive anyone to distraction. Not sure if it would make a difference if using a memory foam mattress at all?

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laptop stand said...

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Michael T Anderson said...

That's a pretty cool laptop stand. I bought one off of and ti looked good in the picture, but ended up being pretty flimsy when it arrived. My laptop is big and runs hot and started melting the plastic the stand was made from.

Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to have to try making one of those.

Mike (webmaster @ lower back pain site

Von McCord said...

A bed laptop stand is a good idea, but it is not a good idea to become to accustomed to being in bed for long periods of time and can actually be counter productive to the healing process.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that this one is showing creativity at its best. They are simply looking great and awesome.

All the best,
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